The Road that Leads to Somewhere

Driving in the rain, I went under on overpass. The rain stopped for one brief moment.  What a short relief from such a stressful drive.  The rain would come and go, sometimes leaving a bright blue sky of hope behind it.

Looking through the drops of rain, whether a beautiful midst or a blinding downpour, I thought about how that is like, I suppose, life for everyone... not just those of us fighting against abuse.

Storm clouds roar and rage.  It isn't fun, this fight.  But, I have to be thankful for those times.  Without them, I would not gain perspective or growth or nourishment.  Without them, the road would be long, desolate and hopeless.

Even though the storms seem to be the problem in life, sometimes they blind me and protect me.  Sometimes, they make me be more aware of what is around me.  Sometimes, they make me much more attentive and careful about what I do.  Where I go.  Sometimes, they make me have to pay attention to who is around me, even though my focus has to be on my own path... journey.

Are the storms raging around you today?  It may be a beautiful, sunny day in your journey.  It may be lightly sprinkling with a forecast predicting things will soon take a turn for the worse... you are not alone.  Remember to stay as aware of your surroundings as you can.  Enjoy what you can.  Learn what you can.  Grow when you can.  And, know this road leads to somewhere... freedom from the past and all that's haunting.

Drive safely!

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Just a Balloon and a Hole

Last week, I was helping my sister-in-law blow up balloons for a charity event.  Everything was going smoothly... until I got "that one" - the balloon that came out of the package with a microscopic-size hole.  Have you ever tried to blow up a balloon that has a hole in it!?  Well, obviously, I quickly gave up on that balloon and continued on with the task.  BUT!  It got me thinking... how much I am like a balloon with a hole.

Now, I didn't come out of a bag.  And if I did, God wouldn't have made me anything less than whole.  Circumstances of life, our own choices and the decisions of others all pierce wounds in what was created to be a perfect thing.  When abuse has pierced your body and soul, life seems as though no amount of air or effort will get you anywhere.  You can try and try to make life bigger and better, but effort and joy just leak out as fast as you can give it.

Thank goodness life isn't about feelings or trying.  It is about being mended and choosing to do something different, be someone bigger than you would have been if you were resistant to abuse, resentment, anger and shame.  We weren't picked randomly out of a bag and sent into life with holes.  God chose to give others on Earth the free will to do good or evil, knowing that could possibly hurt someone else.  God didn't hurt us.  Someone with sinful nature did... someone, likely, with their own hurt.

Sure, I believe that recovery sure is possible without God.  But, I do believe that it is because of God that anyone can heal from trauma.  God loves each of us regardless of our pits, inabilities, indifference or unique impressions.  He never wants us to be sad, depressed and in a constant state of suffering.  As capable as He was to create us, He is just as capable to mend us and to send us places we never imagined we would ever be able to go on our own.

If your life seems like a bunch of "hot air" today, be assured you are not alone in this journey and you are not just a balloon and a hole.  You are bright, brilliant, capable, strong and resilient enough to ascend beyond this trapped life.

photo credit: In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine via photopin (license) cc

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A Little Pocket

"Find your little pocket of happiness and encourage others to do the same.
It could save their life."

Yesterday I realized that I haven't written in my journal with you this week.  I have been busy working.  I don't know if that is why.  Writing really has seemed to put me in a state of coma lately.  When I write, I become disconnected with the world around me and grow tired and weary, quickly.

This morning, I wanted to write, but my mind is far away from being emotional or writing anything at all.  But, as I came across a blog called Peaceful Dumping, an article "Two Things to Trust When Life Isn't Going Well" got me thinking....

....maybe it says something that, overall, I think this week has gone very smoothly. (I made cookies for my kids one day after school and I've made it through several days without taking naps.)  Yet --- even when life seems to be going well, I still totally relate to an article by Z Zoccolante titled, "Two Things to Trust When Life Isn't Going Well".

After finding the guest blogger's website, I became intrigued with a blog post of hers titled, "It Gets Better! But, in the meantime - find what brings you joy".  Here, she writes about a couple of friends talking about the differences between childhood and adulthood.  Z defines the roles that both hold... and they hold them for reasons.

But, what if you are stuck somewhere between childhood and adulthood... or stuck living an adult life being stuck in a childhood ability to see and seek life?  

Z Zoccolante suggests these steps for moving forward and I wanted to share them with you:
  •  Make sure your child discovers and knows what makes their heart sing.
  •  Teach your kids to be kind to others. Always.
  • If you have a teen, help them find a place to belong.
  • If you feel isolated, take the step to reach out for connection, community or therapist.
  • As an adult, keep doing the things that bring you joy and share them with the world, especially the younger generation. They need to know they’re not alone. 

Z Zoccolante concludes her post by writing this:  "In my adult life, I see that happiness, freedom, connection, or peace, . . . all have a common denominator, LOVE.  Love is what we seek at our core. But it’s been there all along."

And, this is where I will end today's entry too.

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Day Five: 8 Tips for Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Helpful tools to healing from #BeTheChangeYoga...

Visit me on YouTube for more safe tools and sounds.


Life: Behind a Tree or Under a Rock

“The problem, often not discovered until late in life, is that when you look
for things in life like love, meaning, motivation, 

it implies they are sitting behind a tree or under a rock.

The most successful people in life recognize, that in life they create their own love,
they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation.
For me, I am driven by two main philosophies,

know more today about the world than I knew yesterday.

And lessen the suffering of others.

You'd be surprised how far that gets you.”